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Apparently we don’t have any.  At least not on my site.  Having spent the last couple of hours, fumbling around in my own cack handed way, to format the standard weather CGI script offered by 1and1, matched the colour, created a new layout region in NOF, placed it, inserted the code and uploaded the modified […]

Background image

A little happier now with the background image on the website but it needed another couple of hours spent on it as I saved it as a jpg originally and that seems to have flattened the layers, which I had been hoping to keep in place to tweak later for use on the sub domains.  […]

Background for website

Managed to tart up the website with a background image I cobbled together with PSE9 in what, for me, seemed to be a reasonable time.  I chopped the MLB logo out of a bigger image without any bother at all, composed the master copy with multiple layers so that I can play about with it […]

Still struggling along

Done another couple of hours of structural set up for the website and one of the sub domains during which time I have screwed up the formatting, recovered the formatting, uploaded the holding page for the sub domain during which I overwrote the index file for the main domain, uploaded the main site […]

A bit restless

This is not like my usual Friday night, most Friday’s I’m pretty sure what I’m going to be doing, I know that it will keep me up until the small hours of Saturday morning.  But tonight I’m not so sure, this blog needs a little more polishing, though most of it is background stuff and […]