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Now spoken to Three.  It didn’t take long to work out the direction that the conversation was likely to take, ‘Hello, this is the cancellations department’.  So no name calling after all, they just rolled over and cancelled the contract, without penalty of course and also, without apology or any attempt at a rationalisation for […]

Let the name calling begin

But we’ll keep it low key for the moment.  Further to previous post, Three have tried to contact me to discuss the plug being pulled on the signal coverage in my locality, but we haven’t managed to speak yet.  They have my landline number yet in order to talk to me about the lack of […]


I’ll save the name calling for another 72 hours, when I am supposed to have another conversation with them.  The reception in my area has always been a little sketchy but, given a minute or two and I have always been able to get texts to go or place a call, and once the call […]