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Waiver Wire

Been busy trawling the waiver wire for any cast offs, not found any diamonds in the rough but but made the selection of our 8 keepers a little more interesting and might possibly attract trade offers if anyone is stupidly short of keepers, I would be in a position to do a 1 for 3 […]


away points through the last 8 days in Roto to finish 6th. Obviously you can’t get out on the field, it’s a game of management and I didn’t manage very well over the last couple of weeks. I knew I was going to exceed games played for 1st and Utility, but only by about 3/4 […]

So that’s just about it then

For another fantasy baseball season. In the playoff for 7-8th in H2H and trying to cling onto 4/5/6th in Roto. We are far from short of excuses in H2H with a couple of nailed on starters for the ‘all disappointment’ team, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr Matt Kemp and Mr Pablo Sandoval. Jimmy […]

Curiouser and curiouser

I was all ready to post that I had suffered quite badly during the dog days of August, we have slipped back to 6th in H2H and look like missing the cut for the 4 top playoff places and seemed to be becalmed in mid table mediocrity in Roto. I check the scores daily but […]

Recent moves

With Chipper Jones being done for the year, and possibly career, I had to make a move on the infield and ended up making two. Replaced Jones with Ian Desmond who seems to be on a bit of a rush, hitting and stealing, and after keeping Hudson on the DL for the past few weeks […]