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Made my decision on baseball consumption for 2012 and took the MLB.TV sub over ESPN America. MLB.TV seems to offer not only a lot more baseball but a lot more options for watching, though that has also generated my first gripe with it, namely that the options aren’t quite what I expected in one instance […]

Firefox 4, 2nd look.

And the conclusion is still ‘Whatever’ but with a few bells and whistles.  Managed to move a few elements around, working with the button rather than the menu bar, created a couple of tab groups but really only for the hell of it.  The extra 5mm of screen space saved by using a button to […]

Firefox 4

Whatever….. I like Firefox, I like Firefox 4 but just what has the hype, delay, piss and wind been all about?  It certainly looks different, but that is largely due to Firefox 4 disabling the NASA Night Launch theme that I have been using since I first started with Firefox.  Rather more significantly it has […]

Norton 360 v5

After removing the fatally flawed BitDefender from my main PC I had to decide on something to replace it with.  Looked at and used a variety of AV software in the past and would not go back, Kaspersky (too pricey) Trend Micro (awful technical support) McAfee (please!? My laptop just about ground to a halt […]


One thing that I am not happy with on the new machine, and was becoming increasingly unhappy with on the old one, is my AV software, BitDefender.  I was impressed with this software when I first got it, I blogged about it at the time, very configurable, nice interface and in normal use, very light […]