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Last Skybroadband test

Well the BT gear is here and I’ve had an email advising that the broadband via them has been activated.  After a miserable evening yesterday, it seems to be running OK this evening; A case of ‘too little, too late’.  So it’s time to bid an unlamented ‘eat shit and die’ to Skybroadband, whilst firmly […]

This was all that was needed

I understand that at peak times connection speeds diminish at peak times and four days before getting kicked to the kerb Sky manage to deliver usable speed in the evening. So it would appear that the penalty for, without notice, exceeding their download limit one week, is three weeks of unusable connection speeds during peak […]

The deed is done

Even after checking, re checking, double checking and re double checking over the past week or so, I can’t find a better deal than BT for my broadband and I’ve now done all the clicking and typing and I’m now tied to them for the next 18 months.  Not overjoyed about it but haven’t got […]

It’s here

The MAC has turned up from Sky Broadband and I will now be checking the re double checking the numbers for other ISPs over the weekend.  I would be doing it right now, but my shite connection won’t let me load graphics intense pages at anything other than a glacial rate.  As was the case […]

Sky Broadband

I know this is getting very tiresome; And no one is looking forward to stopping doing these posts more than me, but there is a slight change, it seems that Sky have now chopped my upload speed by more than 2/3rds.  Good to know they are not resting on their laurels when it come to […]