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Dark Matter revealed?

A report on the BBC website of a Fermi Lab experiment which may have detected a dark matter signal. Comments


Interesting article here; Which suggests the Geminids shower has become more intense than the Perseids and they peak tonight, though it’s not looking promising here at the moment. Comments

No news is….

Sort of proof that I’m a bit of a slacker I’m afraid. I did take a shot last Sunday, the Sun was out, getting a little low to offer the best viewing but I’ve nothing to show. I was distracted for a large part of last week for reasons I won’t go into here and […]


My man has come through with the couple of bits and bobs for the telescope, a little spacer for the new camera mount and a holder for Baader Solar Safety Film which will allow me to use the full aperture for viewing the sun. From Astro Kit I expected no less, but it’s a beautifully […]

The Perseids

I was pretty grateful that the cloud rolled up about 3 a.m. coming in from the north east, it looked pretty solid and signalled an end to craning my neck looking for something which only appeared very infrequently. I wasn’t as organised as sometimes so I wasn’t lying out there for long spells but went […]