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Sky Poker Premiership

All over now, bar the freerolls that the teams finishing position qualified them for, which in the case of the team I was in is £200 for third place. It was a lot of fun, but playing poker for nowt with cash at the end usually is and I’ve not changed my opinion, to any […]

Again, and again

Made it to the final table in the Premiership freeroll again last night and again I went out 6th. I don’t feel I played that well last night, needed more than a little help from the cards on occasions but milked it for a good period. During this rush one of the players I took […]

I take it all back

Contrary to my post a week or so ago, I did manage to get into the money in one of Sky Poker’s Premiership freerolls. Much to my surprise, even going into the second hour. You always have reasons why you win, but it seemed that tonight was an unusual set of circumstances. I was at […]

Sky Poker Premiership

Having a bit of a struggle to get my head around this one, though it’s not stopping me playing, free poker with some potential cash at the end of it, is free poker so why not take a shot? But the concept does seem a little alien. And not very well implemented by Sky Poker. […]