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During my three hour marathon yesterday evening, I must have spent at least an hour trying to get some shots of Saturn and these are just about all I got. I took 18 shots all told, half of them show nothing at all and of the remaining nine, eight of them look very similar to […]

The Pink Smudge‼

Well here it is, the clump of pinkish pixels which caused me so much excitement last weekend. It’s still a bit of mystery to me, though it’s certainly not something on the Sun. It doesn’t appear in the best image I have of the Sun, uploaded here. And it’s not there in the Venus […]

Observing, 20th March 2009

Out observing for almost three hours tonight. I never realised that 7° could feel so cold, it was quite still so no wind chill but really cold by the time I came in. I would have stayed out longer but the alignment appeared to have wandered. Tried to setup the ‘scope using ‘Auto two star’ […]