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New PC

I think I’m now about 98% done setting up the new machine, which makes it about 7 weeks from the time my old Gateway machine when phut.  The majority of that delay was down to MESH, or to give them their correct title, the ‘lying bastards MESH’.  Still keep coming across the odd thing that […]

Gateway GM5048b

Just taking a little break from breaking up my old PC and wondering how much of this can be reused?  The ATI HD4650 and Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD will go in the new machine and haven’t decided what to do with the WiFi card and the WIinTV card.  A friend will be getting the […]

MESH Computers

I’m just laying down the groundwork here for a titanic rant in the event that MESH do not deliver my new PC before Christmas.  In their defence, everyone I speak to tells me it’s marked for pre-Christmas despatch (I have noted that this is not, necessarily, the same as pre-Christmas delivery) but whenever I speak […]

MESH Inspire 640

Didn’t mind paying for the Torch on Sunday until I found out on Monday that my desktop machine was FUBAR, at least beyond repair by me.  Got the PSU tested, it’s fine, I was hoping that was the cause of it not booting and if it’s not then it will be the mainboard or the […]


As well as returning home to no broadband yesterday evening, there was an eerie silence in the dining room, the room where I keep my desktop PC and after a brief whirring of fans when I pressed the power button, the silence continued.  No beeping from the BIOS, nothing sent to screen, just a depressing […]