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Windows 8 Consumer Preview II

I’ve been running Windows 8 CP for a couple of weeks now and nothing has cropped up to irritate me, far from it in fact. As a Windows user since v3.11 the first box that needs to be ticked is stability and 8CP has been running for 10 days uninterrupted, the last reboot being when […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I eventually decided that something drastic needed doing with my laptop when Flash Player crashed and wouldn’t reinstall. This meant that I couldn’t play poker on it nor watch baseball. I had tried reinstalling Window 7 and it wasn’t having it and had concluded some time ago that there was a major registry corruption or […]


Made my decision on baseball consumption for 2012 and took the MLB.TV sub over ESPN America. MLB.TV seems to offer not only a lot more baseball but a lot more options for watching, though that has also generated my first gripe with it, namely that the options aren’t quite what I expected in one instance […]

Hauppauge WinTV HVR900 Hybrid

Wow!  So many things not to like about this piece of kit.  Bought it on Friday and took it back today and after some crap from Comet, got a refund.  So where to begin?  Fundamentally it doesn’t do what it says on the box,  it supposedly found 34 DTV, 6 Digital Radio and 6 Analogue […]

Norton 360 v5

After removing the fatally flawed BitDefender from my main PC I had to decide on something to replace it with.  Looked at and used a variety of AV software in the past and would not go back, Kaspersky (too pricey) Trend Micro (awful technical support) McAfee (please!? My laptop just about ground to a halt […]