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MESH Computers

I can’t recall being so disappointed about being right.  MESH Computers are a bunch of lying arseholes it would seem.  I finally got there liar in chief, know as ‘Charlie’ on their instant chat facility, to admit that my machine will not be delivered before Xmas.  And now it will not be delivered at all. […]

MESH Computers

I’m just laying down the groundwork here for a titanic rant in the event that MESH do not deliver my new PC before Christmas.  In their defence, everyone I speak to tells me it’s marked for pre-Christmas despatch (I have noted that this is not, necessarily, the same as pre-Christmas delivery) but whenever I speak […]

MESH Inspire 640

Didn’t mind paying for the Torch on Sunday until I found out on Monday that my desktop machine was FUBAR, at least beyond repair by me.  Got the PSU tested, it’s fine, I was hoping that was the cause of it not booting and if it’s not then it will be the mainboard or the […]