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Still not got my blog and website to co-exist happily on my new site. Not sure why this problem arises, whether it is the way WordPress works or just due to 1and1’s implementation, but whatever the reason, WordPress insists on grabbing the root of the domain and kicking everything else out. It also doesn’t appear […]

New blog

In addition to putting the website template up, I have now put the blog in place at; Not doing quite what I want yet, haven’t found a way of dividing posts to separate blogs for poker, astronomy etc and still looking at what else might or might not be achievable there. Comments


Needless to say, it’s slow progress. Have managed to upload the full set of structure pages to the site now but they are as created in the NOF template and whilst NOF will show me the code, it won’t let me edit it?! Must be something in there, will need to keep looking. I see […]

Made a start

But not much of one. From the time I phoned 1and1 to take their offer of 6 months free webhosting, it has taken until now to get a front page in place. The phone call to set it up was brief and pain free, and also devoid of certain information, as was the email which […]

Killer Poker Online 2 by John Vorhaus

I’m a bit over two thirds of the way through Vorhaus’ book and seem to have bumped up against the problem that I have had with the other books I have read on the subject; the structure of the game that he writes about is based on a 9 handed table. Am I reading the […]