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Is anyone listening?

Or, not for the first time, maybe it’s just me? Let’s first list some of the things which I don’t hear; I don’t hear people exclaiming ‘I won’t be buying that mobile phone, it’s way too thick to shave with’ or ‘I won’t be buying this mobile phone, there is no way I can slip […]

OMG, It’s huge!!

I’ve now fitted the new bits to cool my PC, needless to say, I had a few issues.  The first proved to be unfounded, which was the size of the Arctic Cooling Pro 7 Rev. 2.  It’s big, really big and looked, at first glance, too big to go in the Thermaltake T4 case but […]


When I decided it would be a good idea to modify the cooling in my PC I had no idea that it would be so involved, some things were due to, so I’m told, unfounded concerns and others due to the components in the MESH machine being a little odd.  Certainly none of the issues […]

CPU cooling

The CPU on my 2 month old MESH machine has been running at just around the max temp of 71 C recently, on just 50% load.  It wasn’t running this hot when I first got it.  Dust is the obvious cause but I can see into my machine without taking the side panel off and […]