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Waiver Wire

Been busy trawling the waiver wire for any cast offs, not found any diamonds in the rough but but made the selection of our 8 keepers a little more interesting and might possibly attract trade offers if anyone is stupidly short of keepers, I would be in a position to do a 1 for 3 […]

So that’s just about it then

For another fantasy baseball season. In the playoff for 7-8th in H2H and trying to cling onto 4/5/6th in Roto. We are far from short of excuses in H2H with a couple of nailed on starters for the ‘all disappointment’ team, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr Matt Kemp and Mr Pablo Sandoval. Jimmy […]

Bit of a shake up

Really not doing well, poor last week and worse this week. Made three changes today, let Glaus go, still supposed to be feeling his back and has a little pressure from a 1st base prospect in the minors I hear, bottom line is that he’s not hitting. Replaced him with Ty Wigginton, not expecting too […]

Short and sweet

So Hellickson has come and already he is now gone. He heads back to the Triple A Durham Bulls after an impressive 7 IP, 6 Ks, 3 hits and 2 BB, coming away with the WIN. The story coming out of Tampa is that this was the plan all along and if it was I […]

Tonight’s matchups

Pavano vs Rays, Morrow vs Yankees in Roto league and Hellickson vs Twins in H2H. Clearly the season is not going to be make or break tonight but these three all happen to be going tonight and are going to be central to the rest of the season. Pavano has to continue his somewhat unexpected […]