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7dayshop (via Amazon) part 2

So eventually my TV card turns up on the tenth working day after being ordered, or four days late to put it another way.  Nevertheless, when stuff turns up you suddenly feel in a slightly more forgiving mood.  Which lasted from the time I got home, got myself a coffee and settled down to open […]

Apple Store

And on the other hand there is the upside of online retailing; the Apple Store.  My old iPod Classic died at the end of last week and whilst the test match was a very adequate replacement for the podcasts I usually listen to when I’m on the road, I was busy looking for a replacement […]

ATS Euromaster

I really don’t know what to make of ATS.  I replaced a couple of tyres with them two months ago with the cheapest offerings they had in the shop, Riken Maystorm 205/15 and liked the price, £37 a corner + VAT and all the associated bollocks of disposal, valve, balance etc.  This all worked out […]

Saving the planet?

I have a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine and I like it very much, they produce quite a range of different coffee and other drinks that can be used in it.  And they are all crap, except for the espresso, which is sublime.  I get through a fair amount of the espresso and have racked up […]

Sky Broadband

Still sucking big style of course at peak times, 0.02 M/b/s for long, long periods after about 17.00 when someone throws a switch to effectively cutoff anything other than email, and you had better not be wanting to attach anything to that email, until it gets thrown again and from having four fifths of five […]