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As good as it gets!

For an England cricket fan there is nothing better than turning over the Aussies in their back yard, turning them over by an innings three times is unheard of and, regardless of how good this Aussie team is, has guaranteed the whole squad’s position in the annals of England cricket history.  I know I will […]

Ricky Ponting

Just when I was starting to warm to Ponting, he does something stupid and inexplicable.  I thought he had achieved the difficult feat of maturing, being able to talk honestly and intelligently whilst still retaining the fire and grit which was his, unmoderated, hallmark, along with a shedload of runs.  But his protracted conversation with […]


There I was, minding my own business, happily watching the final session of the test match when out of the blue up pops ‘Moneyball’. Michael Atherton made reference to it and the broad sweep of the concept and suggested that one of the IPL owners had used it as a basis for his auction strategy. […]

Beer match?

I’m watching a recording of Sunday’s T20 final and I would not want anyone to think that I’m less than delighted by the result, and that can’t be construed as anything other than a compliment to the Aussies, they had looked the class act of the tournament and to win, and win comfortably, is a […]