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I know I’ve been here before, and all things being equal, I probably won’t bother flagging it up again.  Whilst I’m quite sure that BT are well deserving of much of the approbation that comes their way, I cannot find any fault with the broadband package I have had from them for the past 6 […]

Hope this lasts!!

Latest test of BT broadband; Beginning to wonder about Speedtest testing methodology?!  But unless it has changed coincidently with me moving from Sky to BT, which is unlikely, then I am getting significantly better speeds with BT and haven’t even looked at the situation with the bell wire yet.  Even if their testing is flawed […]


This is nearly 0.5 Mb/s quicker than I’ve ever seen on my line and it’s peak time Saturday evening.  maybe everyone around here is out celebrating the disappearance of the snow overnight? Statto also pointed me in the direction of a couple of articles about the interference that a redundant bell wire in an extension […]


BT speed going very nicely right now; Had been up as high as 6.30 Mb/s a little earlier but as we are heading well into peak time, I’m quite happy with this.  There was a slight glitch yesterday morning when the broadband went off at around 8.30 and wasn’t on when I got back from […]


Not been a thrilling experience so far with BT, the speed has been fine, with the proviso; when it’s been on.  And it hasn’t been on, on at least three occasions for a total of 2+ hours.  The bumph did say that there would be times when it was quicker, slower or even off.  However […]