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Little Blue Book by Phil Gordon

I have listened to Phil Gordon on the ESPN Poker Club podcasts and he seems an interesting chap, as well as a successful poker and bridge player.  So when I was looking for some more poker reading material, it wasn’t difficult to choose one of his books, but I chose the wrong one.  Not that […]

A bit restless

This is not like my usual Friday night, most Friday’s I’m pretty sure what I’m going to be doing, I know that it will keep me up until the small hours of Saturday morning.  But tonight I’m not so sure, this blog needs a little more polishing, though most of it is background stuff and […]

Harrington on Hold Em

I’ve finally finished Harrington’s book and I’m all fired up to…………..start reading it again, mainly because BT are still poking about in my exchange and screwing with my connection, as they have been since the beginning of the year. But also because it is such a dense book, chock full of concepts and fully worked […]