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Hamels vs Harper

How quickly nothing becomes something. Hamels plunks Harper; ok we all know what it’s about, no histrionics from Harper. Zimmerman plunks Hamels; we all know what that’s about also and that’s the end of it, nothing, right? Not so fast. Hamels decides after the game that he needs to fess up to throwing at Harper […]

Early days

Just watching Matt Moore handling the Tigers very nicely, so far, and he will be the last of my pitchers to go, across my two fantasy teams and considering the names I have, it’s been a pretty sorry week. Verlander lived up to his billing, Strasburg, Holland and Worley didn’t get any help from their […]

Opening Day

Opening Day is now behind us, MLB may think otherwise, but when the first counting game, let alone two of them, have been played then Opening Day is behind us. A couple of well played games, though I think that a couple of anaemic offences flattered the starting pitching. In the first game, when the […] draft

Did my 2nd and final draft last night, just in time for Opening Day, at least for A’s and Mariners fans. As usual I didn’t have a plan going in, on the occasions when I have had a plan, it never seems to work out anyway and Yahoo’s simple way of indicating where your next […]

Fantasy Baseball Trades

I probably accept about 10-15% of the trades I’m offered in fantasy baseball, that may even be on the high side as I don’t recall accepting a single one last season and I hardly offer a trade at all. I may be missing out on something but activity for it’s own sake seems pointless to […]