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Sky Poker August Freerolls

Well that’s the end of the most frenetic period for me since I’ve been playing poker. It was good, but far from perfect for me and for others I would imagine. I don’t suppose Sky will know if they got out of the exercise what they were looking for, which I assume are new players, […]

673,000 chips =

£6. Finished 7th in a freeroll a few days back which was good and bad. Going out on the bubble for the final table is never good but did better than 1469 of the other starters. Would really love to believe that this success was due to the rigorous application of a well thought out […]

Broken record I know but….

…four more no shows at the 1 a.m. freeroll last night. Should I be complaining? Not sure, I made it to the cash but whilst it had it’s high points, it felt very unsatisfying. When I tried to start the tournament, flash crashed on me, not sure if it was something to do with being […]

More no shows

I understand that you get what you pay for, and what I pay for these freerolls is bubkus which is not to say that I invest nothing, usually have to kick someone off the PC, line up coffee, cigarettes and sweeties and generally do a little mental preparation. Probably played in four of these freerolls […]