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Opening Day

Opening Day is now behind us, MLB may think otherwise, but when the first counting game, let alone two of them, have been played then Opening Day is behind us. A couple of well played games, though I think that a couple of anaemic offences flattered the starting pitching. In the first game, when the […]

Manny Ramirez

I know that this signing went down a few days ago but ‘a day late and a dollar short’ has always had a certain appeal to me as a philosophy. Just what is the point of signing Manny? Cespedes has expressed a wish to play with him is a story I’ve seen but I can’t […]

Yeonis Cespedes

I’ve managed to track down a few numbers on Fangraphs for Cespedes here. I guess they are pretty quick and dirty and not spectacular by any means. I’m far from convinced that Cespedes will get 600 ABs in the Majors, so the WAR600 doesn’t look at all reliable and I’m a little surprised that the […]

Interesting times for the A’s

As an A’s fan I had been hoping that there would be moves made before the start of the 2012 season, maybe not exciting moves but at least interesting moves; signing big, fat Bartolo Colon did not qualify on either count, neither did Jonny Gomes though it was a little closer to interesting, flirting with […]

Geren, Geren, gone.

I hardly ever like to see a manager get whacked, it’s almost always a cheap and expedient way of ‘sending a message’ to players and fans and the front office fondly imagines that this ‘message’ is interpreted as being, look, we’re in control, we’re making moves and we’re turning this thing around from this moment […]