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Another BlackBerry Z10

050812-2226-isanyonelis1.jpgSadly I got to try some features of the Z10 that I no wish to be involved with at all.  About a week ago some unknown sack of shit stole my jacket from my place of work, in my jacket at the time was my Z10.  Needless to say it’s not been seen since.

Things went about as well as can be expected when it came to unwinding everything, @vodafoneuk got it off the network and let me have a new micro SIM on the spot, BlackBerry Protect will scrub the device should it ever appear on a network again and a combination of NatWest, Aviva Insurance and @CPWtweets got a new Z10 delivered to me within 12 hours of making the claim.  @phones4u proved not to be quite so useful, mainly because the insurance, which I knew didn’t cover me for theft, is not transferable to a phone which has not been supplied by them.  I feel fairly confident that they could verify the provenance of the phone and I would have been happy for them to examine it to establish that it was same make and model and brand new but this is not an option so the insurance has been cancelled.  It simply looks like just another slippery get out clause, glad to have discovered it 2 months and not 23 months into the contract.

Restoring from a backup made a week earlier went well enough, passwords for email accounts had to be re-entered and a couple of apps downloaded again which was easy enough with the links to the downloads being right there in BlackBerry World once I had associated the new device with my BlackBerry ID.  About the only issue I have is with BlackBerry Link and it’s inability to make a consistent Wi-Fi connection to the new Z10 to sync.  After uninstalling/reinstalling Link I left it one night without having found a way to get it to connect and in the morning it was showing as connected but I haven’t been able to get a connection since?  I posted this issue on CrackBerry and despite many views of the post I have yet to receive any suggestions.