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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Is anyone listening?

Or, not for the first time, maybe it’s just me? Let’s first list some of the things which I don’t hear; I don’t hear people exclaiming ‘I won’t be buying that mobile phone, it’s way too thick to shave with’ or ‘I won’t be buying this mobile phone, there is no way I can slip […]

Hamels vs Harper

How quickly nothing becomes something. Hamels plunks Harper; ok we all know what it’s about, no histrionics from Harper. Zimmerman plunks Hamels; we all know what that’s about also and that’s the end of it, nothing, right? Not so fast. Hamels decides after the game that he needs to fess up to throwing at Harper […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview II

I’ve been running Windows 8 CP for a couple of weeks now and nothing has cropped up to irritate me, far from it in fact. As a Windows user since v3.11 the first box that needs to be ticked is stability and 8CP has been running for 10 days uninterrupted, the last reboot being when […]