Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

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Made my decision on baseball consumption for 2012 and took the MLB.TV sub over ESPN America. MLB.TV seems to offer not only a lot more baseball but a lot more options for watching, though that has also generated my first gripe with it, namely that the options aren’t quite what I expected in one instance and not as advertised in another, at least that seems to be the situation at the present time. I had MLB @Bat 2011 on my BB Torch and whilst the 2012 version has been released for Android and iPad etc there does not appear to be anything for the BB yet and none was advertised but, as indicated and advertised there is a version for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, I have an iPod Touch but when I download the MLB @Bat 2012 I’m told that it won’t run on my iPod? A little disappointing but the iPod was never going to be the principle device I would be using but it does mean that the MLB.TV package is not quite as billed. Not had chance to test much of the package as yet, listening to the A’s and Mariners at the moment, only audio available for this game, it did offer me something called NexDev (I think) for download, not sure what that is though I did see something about NexDev detection somewhere in the process and not seen a link to download Mosaic, the software which allows up to 4 games to be viewed simultaneously. I hope that this has been significantly improved from the last time I had MLB.TV, about 5 or 6 years ago I think, as it was unusable. My pipe wasn’t as fat as it is now, I think I was on 2 Mb/s at that time, which may have been part of the problem but the software was buggy as well, hopefully it’s had a serious rewrite and the realistic 5.5 Mb/s pipe will help it run smoothly.

Before stumping up the subscription I hooked up my ailing laptop to the 42″ LED TV and the demo looked pretty good, there are a couple of problems with that though, the D-sub cable is only about a metre long and the laptop needs to sit right in front of the TV. To get around this I was going to get a wireless trackball to have a little control from the sofa but the laptop won’t install the driver so I will have to wander over to it anytime I want to make changes. The other small problem is that the picture is shifted a couple of inches to the right, it leaves a black border down the left hand side of the screen, not a great problem but over on the other side of the screen the close/maximise/minimise controls have been shifted out of view. I can’t find any tweak on laptop or TV to deal with this, I might try a D-sub to HDMI cable and see if that improves things but if it doesn’t I’ll live with it as it is.

Not watched any games so far but I have watched a few video reports and the picture quality looked good on the laptop and no apparent bandwidth issue and as that is over the wireless network I don’t anticipate a problem on my main machine, which is hardwired to the router.

Bring on the baseball!