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Manny Ramirez

I know that this signing went down a few days ago but ‘a day late and a dollar short’ has always had a certain appeal to me as a philosophy. Just what is the point of signing Manny? Cespedes has expressed a wish to play with him is a story I’ve seen but I can’t see the A’s being happy about having Manny in Cespedes ear should they be together in the Minors and Cespedes is struggling; I think we all know what the quick fix would be that Manny would offer. Just what is it with marginal Major League outfielder in Oakland? Even without Manny and Cespedes, whilst he sorts out a visa, the A’s roster shows Gomes, Cowgill, Reddick, Smith, Crisp, Mitchell and Taylor. I know Beane sees a lot of empty seats around the Coliseum but he doesn’t need to fill them with outfielders. Crisp might be a starting outfielder on a handful of other teams, Reddick might get 300+ plate appearances on the same handful of teams but the rest of themÂ…..? You have to feel a little sorry for Seth Smith, he finally appears to have, maybe temporarily given the splits, shed his platoon tag last year in Colorado with 500+ PAs when he is shipped out to the A’s. At the time he came over he must have thought that he was being brought in as a starter, maybe still sitting against some leftie starters but the prospects for another 500 PA season were looking pretty good. And then the A’s start hoovering up outfielders all over the issue and, whenever Cespedes comes up, he’s looking at a fight with Reddick for a platoon spot opposite Gomes. Reddick may also have been harbouring thoughts of regular playing time when he came over and maybe in a little better shape than Smith as, on a small sample size, looks more capable against LHP. There is still plenty of time before the regular season but right now it looks a mess.