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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Manny Ramirez

I know that this signing went down a few days ago but ‘a day late and a dollar short’ has always had a certain appeal to me as a philosophy. Just what is the point of signing Manny? Cespedes has expressed a wish to play with him is a story I’ve seen but I can’t […]

Just one time?

What would happen, would the whole world of baseball contacts collapse down into a singularity and no one would know what laws applied anymore? Inside the event horizon might Jamie Carroll be getting a 12 year contract for $421m or weird shit like that? Is that what they are afraid would happen if just one […]

Tim Wakefield

Whilst I’m a pretty indiscriminate watcher of baseball, I do have certain teams and players I follow more closely than others, the A’s in particular and I come down on the side of the Yankees in the Yankees/Red Sox face off. However the one pitcher who would always ensure that I watched their game was […]


Spring Training

Well, it’s that time of year again, thankfully. The behemoth that is MLB is stirring from a light sleep, punctuated only by the odd fart or burp in response to off season free agency madness and it’s seeing pitchers and catchers reporting. This could well be my favourite time of year. The run up to […]

Yeonis Cespedes

I’ve managed to track down a few numbers on Fangraphs for Cespedes here. I guess they are pretty quick and dirty and not spectacular by any means. I’m far from convinced that Cespedes will get 600 ABs in the Majors, so the WAR600 doesn’t look at all reliable and I’m a little surprised that the […]