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San Jose A’s of 201?

Not very long after my last post I found a story here suggesting that the A’s move to San Jose is a done deal.  The story seems unconvincing to me at this moment in time; I don’t know who @BNightengale is, which is not that surprising in itself, but all the links from twitter and other websites all come back to his tweet and none of the sources I usually go to have anything at all along similar lines or any new rumours at all about a move.  @BNightengale cites ‘sources’ suggesting that more than one person is in the know, yet the two or more ‘sources’ appear to be only talking to him?  And why is it that they know now that they will make a decision in February?  The implication in the article that Beane’s moves are him rebuilding for a move in 2016 has no relevance; Beane is always building/rebuilding, that’s his modus operandi and saves having to deliver.

Needless to say I hope @BNightengale is right but unless I find other sources to suggest this does appear to be the case, I will keep a firm lid on my enthusiasm for the time being.