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Monthly Archives: December 2011

San Jose A’s of 201?

Not very long after my last post I found a story here suggesting that the A’s move to San Jose is a done deal.  The story seems unconvincing to me at this moment in time; I don’t know who @BNightengale is, which is not that surprising in itself, but all the links from twitter and other […]

A’s in 2012

Here is the 40 man roster; not looking too exciting then, even before the Gonzalez trade to the Nationals.  2012 might be the year when it would be more exciting and interesting to watch the Triple A Sacramento River Cats rather than the big league club?  It does depend to a certain extent on how […]

ESPN America

I cancelled my subscription to ESPN America at the end of the World Series once it became clear that they no longer had the rights to the NHL and was a little disappointed that I did not get the opportunity to tell them why I had cancelled.  So I was very happy to have an email pop […]

A bit late…

…to be commenting on the 2011 baseball season I suppose but it was the best season I can remember.  All sorts of milestones, Jeter’s 3000th hit, I don’t know which was more surprising, that it came by way of HR on a 5 for 5 day or that the fan that caught it handed it […]


I’m something of a sucker for gadgets but I usually hold off and await more rational moments to avoid buying the more outlandish offerings.  There are a couple of things which always fascinate me though, I’m not really sure if either qualify as gadgets, but both have that element of uselessness, at least to me, which seems […]