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Monthly Archives: August 2011

W-bloggar test post

Just trying out a new tool to post to my blog. Not sure what it is going to look like on the site as it’s not very WYSIWYG at the client end in the editor? Looks OK in the preview.

iPod Touch 8Gb

I have been playing with the new iPod for a little while now and it seems to tick all the boxes for my requirements, but that’s not to say it is without it’s foibles.  8Gb is a little limited for what I have in my iTunes library but it just required a little tinkering to […]

7dayshop (via Amazon) part 2

So eventually my TV card turns up on the tenth working day after being ordered, or four days late to put it another way.  Nevertheless, when stuff turns up you suddenly feel in a slightly more forgiving mood.  Which lasted from the time I got home, got myself a coffee and settled down to open […]

Cable prices

Hell’s teeth, I seem to have a lot to get off my chest today! Comet (other rip off retailers are available) were unlucky enough to have me walk in there yesterday, maybe only minutes after listening to a piece on Radio 4 about HDMI cables and how much of a waste of money the expensive […]

Apple Store

And on the other hand there is the upside of online retailing; the Apple Store.  My old iPod Classic died at the end of last week and whilst the test match was a very adequate replacement for the podcasts I usually listen to when I’m on the road, I was busy looking for a replacement […]