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Alloy Wheels

Are the majority of alloy wheels really worth anything on a car apart from the aesthetic?  And even that has to be brought in to question given some of the abominations I’ve seen and the difficulty in keeping them looking pristine.

I understand the temptation to chuck a pair of Marchesini’s best at your race bike, or even your road bike if you really think you can get the last bit of performance on our roads from the reduction in unsprung weight, or you’re just happy to be seen as a smug, ostentatious git of course.

But how many of us are trolling around, like me, with old, heavy, OEM alloys, which are no longer a boon to the aesthetic and if they are, have taken hours to maintain in decent nick?

I’m running around on a set of Ford OEM offerings, not the bleeding edge of alloy wheel technology I know, which are 7 years old and look every day of those seven years, they were not in great shape when I got the car three and a half years ago and haven’t got any better.  The design makes them a pain to clean, with all manner of nooks and cranies to hoover up brake dust and make cleaning with anything larger than a toothbrush all but impossible and it now seems that 90000 miles of stone chips, and a fair amount of neglect it must be admitted, makes even the flat surfaces impossible to restore to reasonable condition also.  At least that’s what I’m finding with the CarPlan cleaner that I’m using.  Maybe there is something better on the market that I can use and I probably will but it’s feeling like an awful lot of time, effort and money to maintain one relatively small part of the car which no longer adds to the look and never has added to the performance.