Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

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Geren, Geren, gone.

I hardly ever like to see a manager get whacked, it’s almost always a cheap and expedient way of ‘sending a message’ to players and fans and the front office fondly imagines that this ‘message’ is interpreted as being, look, we’re in control, we’re making moves and we’re turning this thing around from this moment forward.  Whereas, in most instances it should say to the fan, what can we do? we’ve lumbered ourselves with this bunch of players, we’re paying many of them 6, 7 and some of them, 8 figure salaries, which they are not currently earning and in order to deflect attention from the fact we are responsible or bringing them in, we’re breaking off the manager.  And to the players it simply says, look how impotent we are when confronted by your unprofessionalism!

All this being said I can’t pretend that I’m shedding too many tears over the departure of Geren but this is largely due to the fact that I was not very happy with the hire in the first place as he seemed to be too close to Beane and has done nothing to show that he could overcome this, to me at least, disadvantage.  There did need to be something approaching a perfect storm for the A’s to take the AL West by the throat and this did not appear to be beyond the realms of possibility.  The pitching staff needed to be, by and large, healthy all season, the position players brought in over the closed season needed to perform close to their career numbers and last, and probably least given that he already had time in the job, management needed to be right.  The first two conditions have not come close to being met but up to this point I had not heard that there was a major problem, other than that which always comes along with underperformance, with the last condition?  There was the kerfuffle with Fuentes a little while back and maybe the fact that he’s still on the club was an indication as to which way the wind was blowing.

The only redeeming feature is that Beane has manned up and whacked his chum with enough of the season left to offer a glimmer of hope that the season can be turned around, though it will a forlorn hope if Brett Anderson gets the long face from Dr. James Andrews.