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Monthly Archives: March 2011

New Keeper league!!

New to me at least.  My post on paid off in the end.  After replying to a post from about a month ago for someone to take over a team, unsurprisingly that one had gone, but got another email tonight from the same league, someone else dropped out on the evening that keepers locked, […]


Feeling a bit of a fraud right now, after whining sometime ago about the lack of 6×6 keeper data, the nice people at RotoChamp let me have their software to run my eye over and try out and I was expecting to use it on my keeper league, in particular, to see how the draft […]

That’s that then!

Somewhat out of the blue, the keeper league that I have been in the last couple of years has folded up.  These things happen but I’m not entirely happy with the way it has played out.  The commish mailed everyone a couple of weeks ago after a second owner pulled out this year and said […]

Hauppauge WinTV HVR900 Hybrid

Wow!  So many things not to like about this piece of kit.  Bought it on Friday and took it back today and after some crap from Comet, got a refund.  So where to begin?  Fundamentally it doesn’t do what it says on the box,  it supposedly found 34 DTV, 6 Digital Radio and 6 Analogue […]