Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

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Firefox 4, 2nd look.

And the conclusion is still ‘Whatever’ but with a few bells and whistles.  Managed to move a few elements around, working with the button rather than the menu bar, created a couple of tab groups but really only for the hell of it. 

The extra 5mm of screen space saved by using a button to access the functions usually found in the menu bar is not really going to spectacularly change your browsing experience, the two groups of 4 tabs I’ve set up can all be comfortably displayed across the tab bar without inconvenience or clutter.  I’m sure there are people who need to keep more than 8 tabs open at once but I can’t believe that it’s a high percentage of users?

My Norton and Skype extensions remain disabled as does the NASA theme, no updates available for any of them as yet.

So Firefox now looks like Opera, so why not get Opera?  And by using XMarks I now seem to have made IE9 look like Firefox, not sure that’s what I had in mind though.  I can see no significant differences between these three, which would suggest that at least one of these is surplus to the needs of the online community at large and if Chrome and Safari are also similar, then almost certainly more than one.