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Firefox 4


I like Firefox, I like Firefox 4 but just what has the hype, delay, piss and wind been all about?  It certainly looks different, but that is largely due to Firefox 4 disabling the NASA Night Launch theme that I have been using since I first started with Firefox.  Rather more significantly it has also disabled the Norton Toolbar for safe searching and website checking.  Otherwise they have just shuffled the pieces around, made the menu bar text smaller and that’s about it.It doesn’t load any quicker, or close any quicker, why should it?  I never had any problem with it in v3.6xx anyway, nor any other element of it.  I’m not a demanding user and I have no idea what might have been improved in terms of standards compliance or other background functionality but as far as the front end is concerned, there appears to be no significant changes.One thing that does not appear to have changed is the footprint in memory, still appears to be bloating up as time goes on if it is left open and it would seem that the plug in container really doesn’t like it if I leave the ESPN page open for one of my fantasy baseball teams, reporting between 9-16% CPU resources being used for what I thought was a static page sitting in the background?  Don’t think it did that in v3.6 and I will check on my laptop, which hasn’t been updated to v4 yet.There’s nothing here that makes me think I would want to change, but I might just have a little peek at IE9.