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Hauppauge WinTV HVR900 Hybrid

Wow!  So many things not to like about this piece of kit.  Bought it on Friday and took it back today and after some crap from Comet, got a refund.  So where to begin?  Fundamentally it doesn’t do what it says on the box,  it supposedly found 34 DTV, 6 Digital Radio and 6 Analogue signals.  Freeview on my TV finds 96 DTV, 36 Digital Radio and 9 Analogue via a fairly new setup with a new aerial, amp in the loft and new wiring.  Let’s start with the analogue signals; more often than not it would not display a picture, sometimes there would be sound, sometimes when it did show a picture, there would be no sound.  Of the 34 DTV signals it supposedly found, around half did not give a picture, C4, C5, Dave ja vu and many others, even though the signal monitor app that comes with it tells me there is a good signal there.  It takes an age to tune to another channel, it puts itself to sleep and won’t wake without closing and restarting the Win TV7 application, does not integrate well with Windows Media Centre, stops my machine gong into sleep mode and stops my Creative Live Optia webcam working.

There is simply nothing at all to recommend about this unmitigated piece of tat.

So I take it back to Comet and after explaining all this to them, they insist that they have to test it?!  So I wait around for half an hour whilst the dick in the shop tries to fire it up on a display laptop, using the supplied tiddly little aerial; good luck with that.  Needless to say, dick didn’t manage to pull in a single signal and coughed up the refund, so now I’m looking around for an alternative.