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Sit ‘n Go

Trying to play a little more poker at Sky Poker but not getting much traction.  I’m ahead of the curve, cashed in 9 and lost in 7 Double Your Money STTs, but also behind the curve in that the juice is 12.5% on the £2 tournaments and 15% in the £1 tournaments, which all means that I’m about 50-60p down overall.  Whilst I’m still looking for experience, not only in this form of the game, but poker in general, I’m not going to play just to break even and I’m starting to wonder if the juice makes it worthwhile even if I reach the point where I’m cashing in 2/3rds of the tournaments I enter?

I’ve never played for real money anywhere but Sky, but might have to check the juice on other sites if I get to around 2/3rds success and it still feels like it’s eating me up.