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Not quite as I first thought

Had another look at the team that I was looking to set up a trade with and not only is he not as weak as I first thought, what I was wanting to offer doesn’t look like a terribly good fit.  He has VMart at C, so not likely to be interested in McCann or Soto, Jeter at SS, so probably not interested in Rollins.  Has two middle rank closers, Lyons and Francisco, and if he kept both, as I’m doing with my closers, then he would have 8 keepers and would probably not give much weight to either Nathan or Bailey being in the deal, even though Francisco’s situation in Toronto looks a little fluid.  I’m not going to be getting Teixeira out of him, next on the shopping list would be Lincecum and I suspect he would want too much in that deal.  Someone we might be able to do business on could be Casey McGeehe, nice season last year, .285 with 103 RBI and better team around him this year, Fielder playing for a contract and Braun looking for a bit of a bounce back.  Will cobble something together and make an offer.