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Deep Stack

Played another Deep Stack on Sky Poker last night and managed to get into the cash.  It would have been embarrassing if I hadn’t given the number of big pocket pairs I picked up early on, AA twice, KK once and QQ & JJ twice each, as well as a goodly assortment of AK, AQ and AJ and got reasonably well paid for just about all but one of the QQ, which I laid down on the river on a straightening board.  But I still didn’t really kick off until a very loose call against my JJ.  The action was BBx4 raise UTG, reraised to 400 (10 x BB), I thought about a further raise but just called, as did the UTG raiser.  Flop is 227.  I’m first to act and half potted; called.  Turn is another 2, pot size bet, flat called again.  Getting a little anxious now, though surely I would have been faced with a reraise if the villain was holding a big pair, or had I been put on a pair already and the villain was happy to let me do the betting, though I hadn’t seen her play a hand like that during the 30-40 mins I’d been at the table?  The river is a 9, so it’s check or shove.  I stack off for 7k and get called by AQ and my house is good.  I can see the temptation to call, but I’ve been banging away down every street and villain would have had 11-12k back if not called final bet, so definitely not pot committed with blinds still only 20/40.

Things went very nicely from there and I had the chip lead at the second break.  So just a nice coast to the final table with about 23 left in, no reason to get involved with anything short of the nuts.  Pick up AQ, flop top two pair, that’s pretty much the nuts isn’t it?  What’s he going to have, AA??  Er, yes he is actually.  That little adventure cost me half my stack and the lead.  Which also coincided with the deck starting to average out after all the early pocket pairs and the appearance of the new tournament leader to my left, what little I picked up I couldn’t get past the big stack and started to get resigned to folding to a little cash.  Which makes for a long night in a deep stack around the bubble.  Doubled up just after the bubble burst, with AA and made it to the final table, finished 5th, going out with AQ against pocket 10s.