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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Last Stats Added, Probably.

Added two more sheets to the spreadsheet, separate ones for pitchers and hitters, pitchers currently ranked for projected WINS and hitters for projected RBI.  The numbers are composites from a number of draft that have been put together by the guys at MLB’s Fantasy 411.  The listings include both Cabrerra and Wainwright, both of which […]

Not quite as I first thought

Had another look at the team that I was looking to set up a trade with and not only is he not as weak as I first thought, what I was wanting to offer doesn’t look like a terribly good fit.  He has VMart at C, so not likely to be interested in McCann or […]

Sit ‘n Go

Trying to play a little more poker at Sky Poker but not getting much traction.  I’m ahead of the curve, cashed in 9 and lost in 7 Double Your Money STTs, but also behind the curve in that the juice is 12.5% on the £2 tournaments and 15% in the £1 tournaments, which all means […]

Mock Draft Central

Added 350 names from MDC to the spreadsheet, they claim that these are rankings specifically tailored to ESPN leagues, but I don’t play in a standard ESPN league and they didn’t specify a format.  The numbers are a digest of about 128 mock drafts and I’m not too sure that I’m sold on the wisdom […]

Deep Stack

Played another Deep Stack on Sky Poker last night and managed to get into the cash.  It would have been embarrassing if I hadn’t given the number of big pocket pairs I picked up early on, AA twice, KK once and QQ & JJ twice each, as well as a goodly assortment of AK, AQ […]