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New PC

I think I’m now about 98% done setting up the new machine, which makes it about 7 weeks from the time my old Gateway machine when phut.  The majority of that delay was down to MESH, or to give them their correct title, the ‘lying bastards MESH’.  Still keep coming across the odd thing that I go to load and remember that it’s not installed and I know that there are others I will have to hunt down, Photoshop, though I guess my free trial ran out long ago, NetObjects Fusion so I can start getting to grips with the website and I know that I will have to get something to defrag the hard drives in due course.  Everybody’s profiles and files have been restored from backups and I will have to get around to setting up a new backup schedule once I’m happy that everyone here is happy with the way things are running in their restored profile and can delete the old backups.