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One thing that I am not happy with on the new machine, and was becoming increasingly unhappy with on the old one, is my AV software, BitDefender.  I was impressed with this software when I first got it, I blogged about it at the time, very configurable, nice interface and in normal use, very light on system resources.  The installation was quite easy, though I did have to return to the settings to get devices on the home network talking to one another.  Last year’s version turned into something of a pig as time when on, it would fall over and you would have no internet access when that happened and have to reboot, 2011 version is very similar, but now you sometimes get the option to restart BitDefender services without a reboot, but not always.  The software is capable of falling over within minutes of boot or may go on for days at a time, there seems little rhyme or reason to it and it must be the reason for 95%+ of the reboots that are not for installations or updates.  The only action which does seem prone to trigger it crashing is when the machine comes out of sleep, which I never used on the old machine, so has become more noticeable now that I use it on this machine.  And if it has fallen over, it seems to stop the machine entering sleep, so the machine runs all night and when you come to it in the morning the first thing you have to do is reboot. I also use it on my laptop and it displays the same sort of frequent failures.

Even though I have more than 6 months left on the 3 user licence, I will be looking elsewhere long before the licence expires if the near to once a day failure rate continues.