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Gateway GM5048b

Just taking a little break from breaking up my old PC and wondering how much of this can be reused?  The ATI HD4650 and Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD will go in the new machine and haven’t decided what to do with the WiFi card and the WIinTV card.  A friend will be getting the DVD rewriter, a WD Caviar 320GB HDD, maybe some of the RAM but most of the other bits and bobs will go to my stock of gear which I keep though rarely reuse, 120mm and 80mm case fans, huge block of aluminium alloy which was the very unsophisticated CPU heat sink, PSU, memory card reader which I don’t think I can accomodate in the new machine, HDD mounting frame and the rest, case, front USB/Firewire/Audio unit, ducting, mainboard etc will have to go to the recycling centre though I don’t know how thouroughly it gets recycled.  The case is in perfectly good nick and it seems a shame that it can’t be reused rather than recycled.