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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Deep Stacks

Blimey!  An unprecedented weekend on the tables at Sky Poker, got shoved at 3 times post flop in the first five minutes in the Deep Stack on Friday night, easy calls with made hands every time, trip 3s and trip 5s for the first two and top pair and a decent kicker on the third […]

Poker Stars

Just wondering if it’s a good idea playing the points freerolls on Poker Stars?  You get points in the 6 handed sit ‘n go’s for finishing 1st or 2nd and I finish in the points in about 80% or more of the ones I’ve played but it does seem to require me to play far […]


One thing that I am not happy with on the new machine, and was becoming increasingly unhappy with on the old one, is my AV software, BitDefender.  I was impressed with this software when I first got it, I blogged about it at the time, very configurable, nice interface and in normal use, very light […]

New PC

I think I’m now about 98% done setting up the new machine, which makes it about 7 weeks from the time my old Gateway machine when phut.  The majority of that delay was down to MESH, or to give them their correct title, the ‘lying bastards MESH’.  Still keep coming across the odd thing that […]

As good as it gets!

For an England cricket fan there is nothing better than turning over the Aussies in their back yard, turning them over by an innings three times is unheard of and, regardless of how good this Aussie team is, has guaranteed the whole squad’s position in the annals of England cricket history.  I know I will […]