Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged

I reserve the absolute privilege to be right, wrong, misinformed, arbitrary, imbecilic and inarticulate.


Had a bit of a poker binge last night.  I felt I was playing well with less than average cards, through something approaching 300 hands over 4 tournaments I saw QQ & JJ once, KQs and QJs once and AK once.  It wasn’t as if I was picking up other pocket pairs all night either, it seemed to be a night for suited cards but usually something like Q4s, or connectors such as 87, tried to get to get involved with some of these, had enough success to hang around but didn’t take down any really big pots.

Did manage to get called a ‘donkey’ by someone who got all his chips in after pairing a deuce on a 7 high flop, I called him with A8s, not a great call but 6 outs plus runners for the flush and spiked the A on the river.  That was the highlight of the early evening, went out of one tournament with Q10s, paired the Q on the flop, made a straight by the river and knew that I could only lose to K10 or a house and there looked like so many other holdings that he could be betting with, trips, sets, two pair, so I was all in and he had K10.

Lost a huge pot after making the flush with KQ, opponent held A3 but this was in the tournament that saved my evening, a Bounty Hunter, but did knock me from the chip lead with 10 left, down to about 7th, so not crippled with about 12/13 BB back, but then I let chips leak away and by the time I went all in I was down to about 4 BB.  Same player who took the pot above, went all in from the SB, I called from the BB with A10, he turns over 99, all over on the flop when he spikes the 9.  But with the bounties and the prize money it meant a net profit of 21p, or about 3p per hour; there’s value!