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MESH Computers

I’m just laying down the groundwork here for a titanic rant in the event that MESH do not deliver my new PC before Christmas.  In their defence, everyone I speak to tells me it’s marked for pre-Christmas despatch (I have noted that this is not, necessarily, the same as pre-Christmas delivery) but whenever I speak to them, telephone or online chat, I get differing stories.  The online order tracking tells me it is still ‘Production Pending’ status, I have been told in one of these chats that production takes 3-4 working days, also been told they are not working weekends so 4 working days takes it up to Thurday.  So, next day delivery guaranteed on Christmas Eve?

One of the guys there, who took my order and is now my ‘Account Manager’ (gee, never had one of those before!) tells me delivery should be Tuesday or Wednesday, even though production does not appear to have started.  He also told me  on Tuesday last week that it would be going to ‘testing’ shortly.  Someone is being economical with the truth here.  I can’t see any circumstances whereby their timescale for production is right, their online tracking is right and their pre-Christmas delivery commitment can be fulfilled.

I do understand that they will be busy at this time of year and I would not have chosen to buy a new PC had my last machine not gone phut a couple of weeks ago but I would be far more confident and happy with the service so far if I had received consistent information from them, and would have taken far less of their time, time which I suspect is at a premium right now.

Fingers crossed.  Well they have been crossed for quite a while now, think I’m getting cramp.