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Daily Archives: Sun, 19th Dec 2010

The Little Met Office That Cried ‘Wolf!’

I like snow.  There, I said it.  I know it causes inconvenience and worse in some cases, but what I wish for has no bearing on the actuality, so I like the anticipation of a snowfall.  I have quite a nice view out of the font windows, a couple of fields, hedgerows and a copse […]

MESH Computers

I’m just laying down the groundwork here for a titanic rant in the event that MESH do not deliver my new PC before Christmas.  In their defence, everyone I speak to tells me it’s marked for pre-Christmas despatch (I have noted that this is not, necessarily, the same as pre-Christmas delivery) but whenever I speak […]

Little Blue Book by Phil Gordon

I have listened to Phil Gordon on the ESPN Poker Club podcasts and he seems an interesting chap, as well as a successful poker and bridge player.  So when I was looking for some more poker reading material, it wasn’t difficult to choose one of his books, but I chose the wrong one.  Not that […]