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MESH Inspire 640

Didn’t mind paying for the Torch on Sunday until I found out on Monday that my desktop machine was FUBAR, at least beyond repair by me.  Got the PSU tested, it’s fine, I was hoping that was the cause of it not booting and if it’s not then it will be the mainboard or the processor.  Whilst I could have chucked £150 at it and swapped out both, I think, I would still have a fairly sluggish machine based on 4+ year old technology.  I can’t install a current mainboard as the layout of AM3 boards appears designed to be mounted with access from the left, my case only allows access from the right.

So I decided it’s time for a new machine.  It looked like I could get the above machine for £330 as I have a Win7 upgrade available, but if MESH take Win7 off before shipping, then it has no OS to upgrade from, so the price went up to £400 and when I had a look at the spec the PSU is just 300w, so another few quid to get a 550w fitted, just one spare drive bay in the standard case, so another few quid to get a bigger case.

Obviously I liked the spec of the machine, even at the price I’m paying, Athlon II quad core 640, Asus M4A78 mainboard, 4 Gb DDR3, 1Tb Samsung F3 HDD, onboard Radeon HD3000 graphics and 22x SATA multi format DVD writer.  All this will mean, if I install both my HDDs from my existing machine, that I will have 4 Tb of storage attached to my new machine, including backup backup devices, which means I could backup all my data 8 times over; seems a bit much.  Will see how the onboard graphics go, if they are OK then I will have an unused Radeon HD4660 card, also a big waste.

Comes with a 3 year RTB warranty, though the last year is only labour.  I have been promised it before Xmas but that is as far as they will go in guaranteeing delivery, they say it takes that long to assemble, test and burn in.  Test and burn in, fair enough, but I would have thought that even my modified spec would have been available from the shelf.  Maybe MESH are not as big as I thought?