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Downloadable Sky Poker client

Sky have finally released their downloadable client, something I first heard about around 12 months ago and supposedly de for release in February.  Based on the Adobe Air platform it seems to run very smoothly after installing the Air update to v2.5.1 I think it is, from the v1.5 something which either came with the client download or was already installed on my machine.  I didn’t run it for long under the 1.5.x Air version and it did seem a little jerky.

It does seem to take up a fair chunk of processor resources on my laptop though, close to 40%, so you had better not be doing any video editing whilst getting your poker fix, and that was enough to lock it up when BOINC kicked in on the laptop and cost me AK suited and the next hand before I could shut down BOINC again and after a little splutter it came back to life.  I can suspend BOINC for an hour and the same thing happened again when it tried to load again an hour later.  I haven’t played before on the laptop so I don’t know how the Flash browser client would react, but it certainly has no difficulty on the more powerful desktop machine that I’ve always played on up until now.

The Air client doesn’t seem to offer any more options than the Flash client but seems smoother and quicker but may run into problems with CPU usage on older laptops unless you prepare scrupulously by shutting down a lot of the none essential processes?