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Daily Archives: Sat, 4th Dec 2010


This is nearly 0.5 Mb/s quicker than I’ve ever seen on my line and it’s peak time Saturday evening.  maybe everyone around here is out celebrating the disappearance of the snow overnight? Statto also pointed me in the direction of a couple of articles about the interference that a redundant bell wire in an extension […]

Downloadable Sky Poker client

Sky have finally released their downloadable client, something I first heard about around 12 months ago and supposedly de for release in February.  Based on the Adobe Air platform it seems to run very smoothly after installing the Air update to v2.5.1 I think it is, from the v1.5 something which either came with the […]

Well, I didn’t enjoy that at all!

After cruising along in a freeroll on Sky Poker last night, helped a lot by having a couple of full houses early on, having flopped one in the first couple of hands Qs full of 4s, and, unfortunately for him my opponent had the other Q and stacked off with his trip Qs.  I also […]