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Monthly Archives: November 2010


I’ll save the name calling for another 72 hours, when I am supposed to have another conversation with them.  The reception in my area has always been a little sketchy but, given a minute or two and I have always been able to get texts to go or place a call, and once the call […]


Not been a thrilling experience so far with BT, the speed has been fine, with the proviso; when it’s been on.  And it hasn’t been on, on at least three occasions for a total of 2+ hours.  The bumph did say that there would be times when it was quicker, slower or even off.  However […]

First BT test

A little slower though traffic in the area could have picked up in the hour or so since the last test, though the ping is quite a bit quicker, they do say it will take 10 days to settle down and get max performance.  We’ll see. The set up was pretty much pain free, other […]

Last Skybroadband test

Well the BT gear is here and I’ve had an email advising that the broadband via them has been activated.  After a miserable evening yesterday, it seems to be running OK this evening; A case of ‘too little, too late’.  So it’s time to bid an unlamented ‘eat shit and die’ to Skybroadband, whilst firmly […]

This was all that was needed

I understand that at peak times connection speeds diminish at peak times and four days before getting kicked to the kerb Sky manage to deliver usable speed in the evening. So it would appear that the penalty for, without notice, exceeding their download limit one week, is three weeks of unusable connection speeds during peak […]